Masonry Supply

We can offer and supply a wide range of natural stone products, from one off bespoke to tailor made designs to meet the requirements of the client/ project. Stone types that we primarily use and that are readily available are:

  • Limestones - Bath and Portland
  • Sandstone - York and Forest of Dean
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate

    This is just a small selection of the range of materials we have available, should you require any other type of material please contact us. We can also offer advice and samples to ensure the correct material is being used.

    Masonry Installation

    We also specialise in the fixing of stone masonry onto buildings, using lifting tackle, traditional lime mortars/grouts and Metal fixings, from simple dowels and cramps to specialised single application fixings.

    A number of installation services we offer include:

    • Stone restoration and conservation of listed and historic buildings
    • New builds
    • Interior and Exterior flooring
    • Structural and load bearing masonry
    • Traditional stone ashlar cladding
    • Random, coursed and dry stone walling
    • Kitchen worktops
    • Artistic structures
    • Natural stone fireplaces


      The banker masons specialise in shaping rough pieces of rock into accurate geometrical shapes, at times simple, but some of considerable complexity. Examples of banker work is:

      • Tracery Windows
      • Detailed mouldings
      • Classical architectural buidling masonry
      • Bird baths
      • House signs
      • Masonry Installation

        Conservation and Restoration

        Armstrong Masonry Ltd specialise in the conservation, restoration and repair of historic stonework including traditional masonry facades, listed buildings and historic monuments. We use the appropriate methods and materials including:

        • Repointing using traditional lime mortars
        • Consolidation of existing masonry
        • Application of Lime rendering and lime wash

          Our stonemason holds a valid CSCS Heritage Card in stone masonry. In the future, heritage organisations such as English Heritage and the National Trust and funding bodies like Heritage Lottery Fund, may insist that only conservation craftsmen & builders will be allowed to tender for their projects.

          Stone Cleaning

          At Armstrong Masonry Ltd, we are highly competent to undertake cleaning and restoration of all aspects of masonry including historic and listed buildings, monuments and flooring. We are experienced in removing dirt, debris and grime such as carbon, moss or algae staining or mineral stains as well as paint and graffiti removal.

          Some of the masonry cleaning methods we specialise includes:

          • Water cleaning – use of nebulous sprays
          • Steam Cleaning – use of TORC or DOFF System
          • Abrasive Cleaning – grit blastingAbrasive Cleaning – grit blasting
          • Paint Softener

            We will use our expertise and knowledge to advise and determine the appropriate method for each individual project.

            To enquire about a stonemasonry service provided or not mentioned, contact us . We'll be happy to advise and discuss what you are looking for.

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